New theme installed xD. It’s by Search tags on my blog to find old things or something you might’ve missed :o. I like this new feature xD. And the navigation is a lot better too =D. Enjoy!

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Blog theme is under construction…it’s just that time of the year again….well what’s left of it

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New theme!

I’m far too lazy to take the time to make my own theme and I really wanted a new one before school began soooo I got ‘I almost do’, which I did change the color of course xD. Well with that finally off of my chest I should be packing whatever I unpacked….nah I’ll do it later :P

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That’s all I’m doing for now. Be sure to check out the other tab because I have officially given access to my facebook and xD. I do apologize for the hiatus. College and Finals are a pain…what’s worse is I had to go on a hiatus from my first fanfic which WILL be COMPLETED most likely over this break. I’ll be starting on a new fanfic but I want to do some special ones I suppose. SOOO inbox me a fanfic of a pairing or situation you wish would happen in your favorite anime :DDD. Also…I’d like to take the time to give a shoutout to all my current and new followers! I <3 you guys it makes me smile to see a new one everyday. Anyways gotta go, I have to make sure everything has been packed for winter break Dx. See ya :P

New Blog Theme!!! xD

New blog theme from Mel HTML i believe, well credits are below anyway. I am too lazy to design my own page…I will one day though *sigh* Oh well anyway enjoy the new page feel free to click around. Oh yea and if you’re passing by, feel free to follow ^.^ I follow back :D

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So I decided to get a new theme (YAY), since it has been a while and I wanted something lively. I found this really nice theme who was made by yanilavigne. I have to say it is pretty and lively and not all of it is this brownish which is no where near my ambiguous personality :D. Anyway, just a current update. If you’re passing by… FOLLOW ME! or Come back again :D!

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